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If the four guys in Stargazy Pie hadn’t run into each other in 2019, they’d be in four wildly different bands by now. One would be tearing up the coffee-shop circuit, one would be arguing with police about noise ordinances, one would be discussing cape options with his prog band, and one would be doubling his jazz guitar solos on clarinet. But the four of them share a love of great songwriting, and they bring all of these influences together in an energetic shred-pop band.

Stargazy Pie has won songwriting awards, been finalists in battles of the bands, been played on terrestrial and streaming stations from Seattle to Pennsylvania to Manchester to Canberra, shot a couple of videos, played clubs and festivals across the Pacific Northwest, recorded at Seattle’s historic London Bridge Studios, and completely ignored the memo about not wearing flannel anymore.

Stargazy Pie is currently recording their follow-up to 2021’s “Butterfly Hand Grenade,” and they’re building quite a following for a band whose drummer is barely old enough to drive.

Stargazy Pie Band Members
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We are available for one-hour shows at the rate of $400 within a 50-mile radius of Tacoma.

Contact us at to schedule!

Paralyzer Single Cover

new release

listen to our new single, paralyzer, coming out December 16, 2022.
“How does a band temper classic influences with a contemporary sound? Hooks galore and an underground aesthetic? Sensitivity and the ability to rock hard? Ask Stargazy Pie, who’ve done all that and more on their debut release, ‘Butterfly Hand Grenade'”
Mike Fuller
SPACE 101.1


Winner of The People’s Choice Award, ShoreLake Battle Of The Bands, 2022


Ranked number one on Valley FM 89.5 Canberra, Australia! April 12th 2021


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